What about Artists?

Please visit my Gallery Aides page to see the wonderful assortment of marketing aides that I can offer to your studio, gallery, or for your next exhibition. (Click here to learn more)

Table of Rates

Design Time ..... $20 per hour
Stock Art Fee* ..... $15 per image
Research Fee** ..... $15 per hour

on DVD / CD ..... $3 per copy
on flash drive ..... $10 per flash drive

* Unless otherwise specified, high definition imagery will be purchased from Shutterstock.com for use in the completed layout. It is not recommended to utilize images acquired from internet searches as these may be copyrighted.

** The research fee covers the acquisition of non-stock-artwork or information that is not made available but necessary for the completed design (for instance: acquisition or regeneration of corporate logos, acquisition of historic or archived information or photos and/or information or verbiage from third parties, research pertaining to legality or state mandates related to the design, and any other matters requiring information not supplied or readily available).  
Rule of thumb: Apart from Stock Art, "If I have to go find it, there will be a research fee."
Graphics by Design

Whether a creative advertisement for a one-time event, or an icon that will be used for years to come, the challenge of creating artwork that suits the needs of local businesses is enjoyable and rewarding.

Using a growing collection of design and editting technology, the lines distinguishing fine art and graphic design fade away beautifully. My preference is Adobe Creative Cloud. I use Adobe CC to marry high definition artwork with the verbal message of my client, to create print-ready layouts that exceed expectation and deliver on impact.

Copy Writer Services

A "copy writer" is a generic term that describes an author of news articles, blog postings, biographies, letters and short stories, which businesses disseminate as their own.

I write extensively for local newsletters, blogs and businesses. You can reach out to me directly for this service at the above right email or phone number. See the "design time" rates to the right. A 600-word article typically requires an hour to set up and draft.

(View a sample, unpublished, tech article here.)
(View a sample, 600-word, unpublished, travel article here.)

The Debriefing:

  • Commissions are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Commissions are billed by the hour. Time invested depends upon the complexity of the project.
  • Please send a sample or description of the work desired. Stock art, if necessary, will be sourced from an online provider and the cost amended to the invoice. You will receive a proof of the conceptual design via email for evaluation.
  • Ready to commit? I can quickly apply your design to signage and marketing aides at a great price.
  • Sorry, I do not design websites as there is too much upkeep involved.

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